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City Green Awarded Grant from The Starbucks Foundation

As part of The Starbucks Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants program, City Green was selected to receive a $5,000 grant. This grant award is thanks to a nomination(s) from a local Starbucks partner who recognized City Green's work in supporting environmental stewardship, equitable access to healthy food, and ecologically sustainable communities across Northern New Jersey. Through this unique program, The Starbucks Foundation invites Starbucks partners to nominate a local organization in their community. Since 2019, more than 6,000 grants have been awarded to organizations, amounting to more than $10 million.

The Starbucks Foundation’s Neighborhood Grants program supports grassroots, community-led nonprofit organizations through catalytic investments in the form of grants. Neighborhood Grants also help build sustained local impact and inspire increased partner (employee) engagement with nonprofit organizations that work in their communities.

“Every day, our partners (employees) support the communities and neighborhoods that our stores are a part of. We’re committed to making each community stronger by listening to our partners, who know their neighborhoods best,” said Aldrinana Leung, acting executive director of The Starbucks Foundation. “This year, we saw the largest number of Neighborhood Grants nominations to date and The Starbucks Foundation is humbled to be able to support the people and organizations that make our communities better.”

Learn more about the Neighborhood Grants program at Starbucks Stories.

City Green is a 501(c)3 urban farming and gardening organization, based in Clifton, New Jersey working to revitalize urban areas through agriculture and educational programming. It offers practical, technical and financial resources in support of environmental stewardship, equitable access to healthy food, and ecologically sustainable communities. For more information contact Jasmine Moreano, Director of Community Engagement and Advocacy or visit

The Starbucks Foundation The Starbucks Foundation strengthens humanity by transforming lives across the world, with a focus on enabling community resiliency and prosperity and uplifting communities affected by disaster. Established in 1997, The Starbucks Foundation is a Section 501(c)(3) charitable organization under U.S. law. Learn more at Starbucks Stories.



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