Founder & Executive Director

Jennifer Papa

Jennifer leads all aspects of the organization from program development and property enhancements to fundraising and strategic planning, forging a positive path forward for local food systems, while using the beauty and enchantment of public garden and farm installations to inspire new pride in communities, change the personal and public experience of urban life, and ensure good food for all.


Director of Community Outreach & Advocacy

Jasmine Moreano

Jasmine fosters community participation and collaboration across City Green’s food access, greening initiatives, and fundraising events. Jasmine also spearheads City Green’s advocacy work at the local, county, and state level to help further City Green’s mission.


Director of Community & Educational Programming

Jenny Schrum

Jenny connects children, teens, and community members to nature, food, gardening through City Green’s Educational Programming Department. Jenny also supports community greening and beautification projects through the New Ground and Dig In! Community Gardening initiatives and oversees program evaluation efforts.


Director of Food Access

Lisa Martin

Lisa connects the community to Jersey-fresh, local produce through City Green’s Farm Stands and Veggie Mobile while increasing affordability for low-income families through our Good Food Bucks program. Lisa also oversees the Garden State Good Food Network, a statewide initiative supporting Good Food Bucks programs at farmers’ markets and grocery stores throughout the state. Lisa also supports grant writing efforts across the organization.


Director of Agriculture

Henry Anderson

Henry is responsible for the planning, management and organic cultivation of City Green’s farm in Clifton, while overseeing the farming operation at City Green’s Farm at South Branch Preserve in support of our food access program. Henry also cultivates public participation in community-based regenerative agriculture.

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Production & Dig In! Coordinator

Julian Cannata

Julian builds and installs City Green school gardens and City Sprouts gardens. He also supports our Dig In! community gardens with consultations, build support and the operation of our Tool Lending Library.

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Farm Manager, South Branch Preserve

Joseph Lynch

Joe is responsible for the planning, management and organic cultivation of City Green’s Farm at South Branch Preserve in support of our food access program. Joe also oversees the care of all machinery and equipment, while also building out the infrastructure of the farm. 

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City Sprouts Program and Garden Manager, Social Media Associate

Liz Kleisner

Liz manages educational programming, and the vegetable and perennial gardens at the Farm Eco-Center, our Learning Garden in Paterson, and all of our City Sprouts children’s gardens in support of nature exploration and outdoor garden education. She also contributes to City Green's social media channels, sharing City Green's good work.

Emma Latham photo.jpg

School Grounds Manager

Emma Latham

Emma manages a network of school and preschool garden programs with curriculum, garden training, and ongoing support to ensure interaction with the natural world, and an understanding of where food comes from. Emma also oversees children’s programming at the Farm Eco-Center.


GSGFN Coordinator

Aidan Aciukewicz

Aidan coordinates City Green’s nutrition incentive program, the Garden State Good Food Network, to provide support for participating farmers markets, farm stands, and other fresh-food retailers to ensure access and affordability of local, farm-fresh food, ensuring good food is available to all.


Head Gardener

Yvette Weaver

Yvette manages all aspects of horticulture, and the presentation of the gardens and property at the City Green Farm Eco-Center, as well as the Eastside Park City Green Learning Garden to ensure our standard of excellence, beauty, and function. Yvette also provides guidance and advice for community based garden projects overseen by program staff. 


Farm Market Coordinator

Alex Caroleo

Alex oversees City Green’s farm stands, Veggie Mobile markets, and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs to ensure food access and affordability throughout Clifton, Paterson, Passaic and our other neighboring communities.


Marketing Coordinator

Janna Moreano

Janna furthers City Green’s mission by keeping the public informed and engaged through management of our website, social media, and email communications.

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Head Farm Assistant, Clifton

Isabel Anderson

Isabel supports all aspects of the Clifton farm operation from seed to harvest, ensuring an efficient and productive growing season. In the summer Isabel is a Growing Strong Crew Leader, mentoring teens in our youth development program.

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Farm Assistant, South Branch

Emily Jacobi

Emily supports all aspects of the South Branch farm operation from seed to harvest, ensuring an efficient and productive growing season.


Administrative Assistant

Erin Baniaga

Erin makes sure that City Green’s day to day operations are running efficiently and smoothly! She also serves as the point person for events, volunteers, and fundraising initiatives at the organization.