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In the Community

At the core of City Green’s mission of  “Growing Healthy Cities” is a constantly expanding network of school and community gardens across north Jersey. This network began back in 2005 with City Green’s very first community project, the Women of Faith Garden Community Garden on East 27th Street in Paterson. Since then, City Green has grown tremendously, with over 100 school garden partners in 9 counties; over 75 community gardens throughout Passaic County; a dozen horticultural therapy projects; and seven “City Sprout” children's gardens.


City Green partners with schools, churches, community organizations, and local residents to identify potential garden locations and transform them into thriving green, productive spaces. From empty lots and forgotten corners to city parks and public schools, City Green provides the training, leadership, and resources to transform any space into a vibrant garden.

2021's 'The Greenest Place in Passaic County" Garden Contest. Learn more about our annual garden contest and how to apply, here.

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