City Green is always seeking passionate volunteers to lend a hand on the farm, keep up with community gardens, and even develop new ideas and projects. On the farm, Wednesday evenings are volunteer nights where interested individuals can simply show up to the City Green Farm Eco-Center in Clifton to help out with a wide variety of tasks and along the way, pick up some new skills in agriculture and organic food cultivation. The work on a farm is never done! The same is true for community gardens, with open volunteer days taking place on Wednesday mornings. For teachers and educators, City Green is in need of volunteers to help out with the numerous field trips hosted at the Farm Eco-Center in the spring and fall. And for companies and corporations, City Green offers group volunteering that can be used for corporate team building and retreats. No matter the age or experience level, City Green has volunteer opportunities for everyone. Volunteer work is hands on – participants will not only gain practical skills and knowledge, but will experience the joy of working with their hands in a beautiful, natural environment while making a positive impact in their local community.

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171 Grove Street
Clifton, New Jersey