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The power of a garden goes far beyond the plants and vegetables that grow there. With City Green’s “Social Horticultural Therapy” programs, the garden becomes a place of healing and restoration. City Green partners with local organizations including rehabilitation centers, halfway houses, homeless shelters, housing projects, and other target communities to build beautiful outdoor spaces that nurture and heal those who need it most. Horticultural Therapy gardens provide a safe and nurturing outdoor environment in which participants can connect with nature in a peaceful and purposeful way while improving their mental, social, and physical health.  Not only do participants enjoy the peace and solitude of nature – they will also enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of increased nutrition through access to organic, locally grown vegetables.  Organizations that partner with City Green to build Horticultural Therapy gardens receive instructor training and on-going support including the curriculum, resources, knowledge and enthusiasm necessary to implement healing gardens as an institutional asset and as a tool to enhance what they are already doing.

Horticultural Therapy

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