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City Green Builds Accessible Garden Beds Thanks to Inclusive Healthy Communities Award

With the help of volunteers from Columbia Bank, our production and horticultural teams began the construction of 11 accessible garden beds in the Learning Farm!

In 2021, City Green received a $250,000 Inclusive Healthy Communities award from the Division of Disability Services, New Jersey Department of Human Services, to complete projects that will make the Farm Eco-Center more accessible for all. Upgrades included the construction of accessible surfaces, pathways, and garden beds, as well as implementing inclusive features such as shaded areas, adaptable tools, inclusive signage, and educational materials.

"The Learning Farm Veggie beds are at the heart of edible education at City Green. After 10 years of love and wear and tear our raised beds are ready for remodel. We are so excited for our new Learning Farm Vegetable garden design that will include vertical gardening, an immersive experience, large field trip groups, and accessible beds for guests using assistive devices!" Liz Kleisner, City Green's Director of Community Horticulture shared.

We can't wait to begin gardening in these new beds!



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