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Climate Action

2024 Climate Action Collective Application
*Now Open*

How to Apply

To apply for the Climate Action Collective you will need to complete an online application and submit a letter of reference. 

Questions? Email

Application & Letter of Recommendation Deadline: May 15th 

This unique opportunity is for students who are passionate about climate change, nature, or environmental justice and want to take community action. The group meets to grow their knowledge and power through outdoor activities, volunteering, and creative leadership development. By the end of the 2024 Collective’s time together, participants will - Be empowered to take action and share information about climate change and the environment with friends and community - Gain more confidence outdoors - Develop their personal and collaborative leadership skills for environmental activism Young climate leaders and environmentalists have made great strides in the movement for climate justice. More climate action momentum is possible by bringing together passionate high school students.

Qualifications: - Students must be either a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in high school as of September 2024 - Students must be from Passaic County or Bergen County We are looking for students who are: - Passionate about the environment and their community - Interested in taking action in their community - Driven and responsible - Ready to take their learning to the next level - Willing to collaborate with other high school students - No prior knowledge or experience is required to join the Collective.

Location: This program is in-person at City Green Farm Eco-Center, 171 Grove St., Clifton, NJ, with some off site field trips. Duration: July 9 to October 9, 2023 (Final Event on Saturday, October 12) Program Break: August 26 - September 6. Program resumes September 9. Hours: In July and August, the Collective will meet Tuesday and Thursdays, 2pm-4pm, and Wednesdays, 10am-12pm for volunteering or field trips. There will be 3-5 field trips to places that relate to the curriculum. In September and October, the Collective will meet on Monday and Wednesday, 4:30pm-6:30pm.

What is the compensation?

Participants will receive a $1000 stipend and up to 20 volunteer hours, received upon successful completion of the program.

See work and Examples From Past Climate Collective Cohorts

2023 Climate Action Collective
Climate change toolkits

2023 Climate Action Collective Gallery walk

Climate Action Collective Toolkits 2023.png

The toolkit topics are major themes of the Collective curriculum. Each participant selected a topic to research and created a toolkit full of history, current events, action steps, and resources.


These toolkits are intended to educate community members about climate change issues and solutions, with the aim of inspiring action and hope in the wake of the climate crisis.


This collection of toolkits was initially presented at the Climate Gallery Walk on October 11, 2023 at the City Green Farm Eco-Center. View the compiled toolkits HERE.

Click above to open toolkits!

Download individual Climate change toolkits

Click the preview image to open each toolkit.


Indigenous Environmentalism

By Viviana Velecela

Youth Climate Activism

Youth Climate Activism

By Syeda Parvin

Black Women in the Environmental Justice Movement

Black Women in the Environmental Justice Movement

By Jada Witter

Defining Climate Leadership

Defining Climate Leadership

By Emely Ortiz

Climate art and Cultural Strategy

Climate Art and Cultural Strategy

By Jennifer Madera

Community Gardens, Food Justice, and Sustainable Cities

Community Gardens, Food Justice, and Sustainable Cities

By Bushra Begum

Indicator Species and Climate Change.png

Indicator Species

and Climate Change

By Aditi Patoliya

NJ Waterways and Coastal Resilience

NJ Waterways, Coastal Resilience, and Flooding

By Maria Verdugo

Read about the inaugural Climate Gallery Walk in The Clifton Times! This article by Rachel Castelino features the students of the 2023 Climate Action Collective, along with their work and presentations for this concluding program celebration.

Climate Capstone Thumbnail_edited.jpg

Seven high school students from Passaic and Bergen Counties participated in the Youth Climate Action Capstone Project. This year long independent learning opportunity empowered students to create projects include building community fridges to minimize food waste, implementing composting programs to use at a school garden at Cresskill High School, creating sustainable school lunch systems by replacing plastic utensils with compostable ones, educating individuals on their carbon footprints through informational flyers, and presenting food system workshops to students at the Boys and Girls Club of Clifton.

Read more about the 2022 Cohort and their projects here

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