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Farm to Preschool


The mission of the School Grounds’ Farm to Preschool program is to provide outdoor garden classrooms, teacher training, and on-going support for partner Preschools, enhanced by food access opportunities and family engagement. The program is designed to ensure student interaction with the natural world, an understanding of where food comes from, and the taste and health benefits of freshly picked veggies.


Collaborating schools gain the curriculum, resources, knowledge, and enthusiasm to use their outdoor classroom to foster a farm to school culture that values and celebrates garden education as an integral part of developing the whole child.


Farm to Preschool offers a variety of lessons, activities, and resources for your school community. Through consultation we will design a program package according to what best fits your school’s needs and vision. Package components may include school garden builds; teacher trainings; seasonally appropriate garden curriculum; in-school taste test workshops; City Green field trips; Veggie Mobile visits at your school; printed materials regarding City Green events and programming; and on-going support and garden resources.

Any questions regarding the Farm to Preschool program should be directed to Emma Latham 869-4086.

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