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Saturday, April 22nd
11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Celebrate Earth Day at City Green's Earth Day Festival at Eastside Park! Join us for nature crafts, gardening lessons, giveaways, & so much more! This event is free to attend.
City Green's Eastside Park
587 Park Avenue, Paterson NJ

Activities include

Story time - Spring veggie taste tests - Up-potting lettuce station - Digging & planting -Scavenger hunts - Mud creations - Seed collages - Gratitude Tree - Free play - Plant Sale with Willie Davis of Green Acre Community Garden - Learn how to start a community garden- ...& so much more!

About the Learning Garden

The City Green Learning Garden is located at Eastside Park in Paterson. The one and a half-acre site was originally built by City Green in 2008 with the help of the Henry and Marilyn Taub Foundation and Paterson middle school students!


In addition to food production, it serves 1,000 children each year who attend field trips, summer garden camp, and the fall Harvest Festival, which attracts 500 visitors annually. It is also home to the annual “Greenest Place in Paterson” Garden Contest, which recognizes local Paterson gardeners efforts to beautify their city and produce local food.

The Learning Garden was recently updated with the help of grant funding to include a new fence with underground wire to keep out persistent groundhogs, a pavilion covered in honeysuckle and grapevines to provide a cool shade for visitors, an educational fruit orchard comprised of 30 apple trees, a harvest station, a compost station and other fun features like a corn maze, three sisters garden, potato hill and a small edible forest.


With native trees, shrubs and perennials that attract local wildlife, the Learning Garden has grown into a thriving natural space in the City of Paterson. 


Directions to Eastside Park

Eastside Park is located at 587 Park Avenue, Paterson NJ.

When accessing Eastside Park using GPS, it will lead you to the park entrance on Park Ave between East 36th and 37th street. The recommended entrance is through East Park Drive between East 38th and 39th street (referenced in the photo on the left). 

When you arrive at Eastside Park, you will see a circle with a statue and a white house. Park alongside the circle. The entrance to the Learning Garden is beside the White House. 

Become a Sponsor

City Green welcomes local businesses and organizations to partner with us at our Earth Day Festival!

Thank you to our event sponsor!

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