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Growing Strong High School Intern

Clifton, NJ, USA


About the Role

This unique opportunity is for students who are passionate about climate change, nature, or environmental justice and want to take community action. The group meets to grow their knowledge and power through outdoor activities, volunteering, and creative leadership development.

By the end of the 2024 Collective’s time together, participants will

- Be empowered to take action and share information about climate change and the environment with friends and community
- Gain more confidence outdoors
- Develop their personal and collaborative leadership skills for environmental activism

Young climate leaders and environmentalists have made great strides in the movement for climate justice. More climate action momentum is possible by bringing together passionate high school students.

Requirements & Qualifications


- Students must be either a Sophomore, Junior, or Senior in high school as of September 2024

- Students must be from Passaic County or Bergen County

We are looking for students who are:

- Passionate about the environment and their community

- Interested in taking action in their community

- Driven and responsible

- Ready to take their learning to the next level

- Willing to collaborate with other high school students

- No prior knowledge or experience is required to join the Collective.

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