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Farm Stand

To distribute the fresh produce grown at City Green’s farms and gardens, City Green operates a constantly expanding network of farm stands across northern New Jersey, with the goal of ensuring that affordable, local, farm-fresh food is available to everyone regardless of where they live.


Seasonal farm stands can always be found at the Farm Eco-Center in Clifton and the Passaic County "Pedestrian Plaza" in Paterson, where locals can purchase organic produce directly from where it was grown. Farm stands can also be found at additional locations throughout urban New Jersey, and specifically in “food desert” neighborhoods where affordable and healthy food is inaccessible. All City Green's markets accept and double federal food benefits so our customer's dollars go even further when purchasing fresh, local food. 

Directly integrated into the farm stand operation is City Green’s “Growing Strong” program, where local high school students are employed to grow and harvest the produce and bring it to market. Growing Strong interns manage the farm stands and sell the farm-fresh food directly to their own neighbors while helping customers understand the value and health benefits of cooking with organic vegetables.


In addition to providing direct access to healthy food at affordable prices, City Green’s farm stands function as community gathering spaces and visual reminders that fresh food is being grown right around the corner.  Farm stands generally operate from the first week of June until October or November when the first frost comes.

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