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Climate Action Capstone

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The Climate Action Capstone provides an independent learning opportunity, outside of school, where high school students can further their knowledge and conduct an action project pertaining to climate change in their community. The Capstone project provides a unique experience for high schoolers where they are given the resources and guidance to embark on an independent research and action project over the course of the year.


Supported by a City Green staff member, the Capstone project includes monthly group meetings to go over progress and questions as well as three capstone process workshops and three climate change workshops. Through the capstone project, students will gain a deeper understanding of their chosen topic surrounding climate change while learning to take their learning and research to a deeper level. Through this project, students will gain experience in taking community action and sharing the results of their climate change-based research and action project. Following the completion of their project, there will be an opportunity to present the students' work and findings to family, community members, community leaders, and the public.

Additional Opportunities

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