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How to work out the credibility of a character

Credibility is the most important indicator of any character, whether it's an episodic character who appears once in a book in a single paragraph, or the main character.

Credibility is a reader's "believe" and "see" when an image stands before his or her eyes as alive, write my essay for me in 3 hours even for the same one paragraph.

And in a good way for credibility, you need to work through each character - they will make the story come alive and be remembered. And with them, the reader will remember the story.

What do you need to pay attention to when working out believability?

Realistic appearances

Ideal people (or not people) write papers for money does not happen, there will always be something that will be out of the ideal image: long nose, a strange birthmark, slouch, big ears, a stutter, nervous movement, sloppiness in dress. In the image must necessarily be a flaw that does not meet the canons of perfection. Most often, people are related not to advantages, but disadvantages, and a flaw in the appearance is a must.

The realism of behavior

Behaviors, cpm homework help facial expressions, actions, lifestyles - there must also be something with a flaw. If the character can't be angry, envious, vindictive or overconfident, there's no vitality to the character. Neither is it if the same villain is all darkness. People are woven of light and shadow, and any bright soul has a dark flaw, as well as in the dark - at least one good, positive trait.

The "movingness" of the image

It is very important that the image causes a response in the reader's soul - by actions, words, events in which he takes part (or in which he was forced to take part). The response can be anything - sympathy or sympathy, curiosity or rejection, cringe or hate. Anything, as long as it is there. As long as the image does not leave the reader indifferent.

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