Plant Sale with a Purpose

City Green is excited to offer beautiful, organic vegetable plants for your home garden… lovingly cultivated by City Green’s Farm team! We hope you enjoy planting, caring for, and harvesting your vegetable garden this summer. Now more than ever, the act of growing food at home will bring much needed joy and nourishment for the mind and body!

What makes this a "Plant Sale with a Purpose" ?

In supporting this event, you are joining our 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization mission to sustain our work and “Grow Healthy Cities”. Please consider making an additional donation today as it is absolutely essential that we have the support we need to grow more fresh and nourishing food, and get it to those that need it most at this time. Donations can be easily added to your cart and will go directly to our fresh food access initiatives.
Know that your support will make a huge difference as we work hard to

serve the communities who are hit hardest by this crisis.

Choose from over 15 vegetable varieties in our catalog!

EBT/SNAP accepted. Details below.

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minimum order of 8 packs (see below)


All plant varieties come in 3 packs. In order to streamline curbside pick up, please order a minimum of 8  3-packs, which fills a flat. You can choose any variety to fill a flat, and you can purchase as many flats as you like.

Orders will look like the following:

  • 8 plant packs (24 individual plants) = 1 flat = $16 total

  • 16 plant packs (48 individual plants) = 2 flats =  $32 total

  • 24 plant packs (72 individual plants) = 3 flats = $48 total

  • 32 plant packs (96 individual plants) = 4 flats = $64 total

  • 40 plant packs (120 individual plants) = 5 flats = $80 total


Once your online order is placed, City Green will contact you by May 6th with your pick-up time frame for Friday May 8th. This will be a contactless pick-up at the City Green Farm Eco-Center, located at 171 Grove St., Clifton, NJ. Please be sure to provide your name, email address, and phone number during your order checkout.


Did you know you can use your EBT Families First card for vegetable plants? If you are an EBT customer and would like to place a Plant Sale order, please fill out this form. You will be contacted for your pickup time frame and will be required to pay at time of pick-up. EBT/SNAP customers receive a 50% discount on all produce and vegetable plant orders through City Green's Good Food Buck program.