'The Greenest Place in Passaic County"

Garden Contest

Since 2010, City Green has recognized the beautiful work of Paterson’s home gardeners in the annual Greenest Place in Paterson Garden Contest – an amazing initiative that celebrated all of the dedication and effort that Patersonian’s are investing into greening and beautifying the City at the Garden Contest Awards Ceremony in the City Green Learning Garden in Eastside Park.


In 2020, as a response to the pandemic, we were inspired by you to celebrate gardens as places for respite, joy and resilience for all of Passaic County with the Greenest Place in Passaic County Garden Contest. This new online contest is an opportunity to highlight the amazing gardens that fill all of our communities, and acknowledge our many neighbors that take pride in their flower and vegetable gardens!


We encourage all Passaic County gardens to join our garden contest and celebrate your efforts with us at the in-person Garden Contest Awards Ceremony at the City Green Learning Garden in Eastside Park.

Container + Kids _ Danica _ Clifton.jpg

Kids Garden Winner 2020

Gardens can be entered into one or more of the garden categories:

  • Vegetable Gardens

  • Flower Gardens

  • Container Gardens

  • Art in the Garden

  • Children in the Garden

All gardens will be showcased on social media. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges for each garden category. Only residential gardens in Passaic County are eligible, and a garden may only win in one category. To enter, submit your garden photos and contact information in the form below by August 27th


This year we invite community members of all ages to submit a piece of creative writing or artwork that celebrates the garden or what gardening means to you. Share a poem, essay, story piece of artwork, memory or ode that captivates the power and beauty behind your gardening experience. 

Submissions should be no more than 300 words. 

There are three age categories.

  1. Children (under 12) - submit a work of garden art (poster or collage) with a few sentences about the garden or a short essay, story or poem

  2. Teens (12 to 17 years) - submit a short essay, story, poem or other creative writing piece

  3. Adults (18+) - submit a short essay, story, poem or other creative writing piece

Application Closed
Application closed