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Garden Adventure 

This Self-Guided Garden Adventure is a ten-stop interactive journey through our Learning Farm. As you travel from station to station, our easy-to-use guide will lead you through different activities, from feeding goats to native bird identification. Your group will not just learn about how plants grow, but will explore a thriving flower and vegetable garden in full bloom! We provide all the materials for each station, so you can leave your watering can at home!


This trip takes approximately 90 minutes, though you are welcome to stay for the duration of your 2-hour time slot.

Before signing up, please review the FAQ section below for more information on our safety policies, parking, and more!

We are closed for fall garden maintenance! See you spring 2021!

(you must sign up and pay before you can access the adventure guide)

Garden Adventure FAQs


Hours & Pricing

The Learning Farm is open Monday-Friday! When signing up, you will select a 2-hour window for your visit. Each reservation is valid for one car and up to 7 people. The Garden Adventure is $10 per reservation.

Reservation Times:


Tuesday: 10am - 12pm  |  12pm - 2 pm


Thursday: 10am - 12pm  |  12pm - 2 pm

Friday: 10am - 12pm   |  12pm - 2 pm

COVID Safety Policy

COVID Safety Policy

We ask that you please follow our Covid-19 Safety Protocol so that everyone can stay safe and healthy while visiting the Learning Farm. Anybody found intentionally violating these rules will be asked to leave the premises. Thank you for your cooperation!

  1. If You Have Symptoms, Stay Home! If you have a fever, cough, or any COVID symptoms do not enter the property. Please contact us and we will help you reschedule your visit.

  2. Masks Required! To keep all City Green staff and visitors safe, everyone is required to wear masks throughout the duration of the visit. Only children under 2 years or adults with printed medical exemption waivers are not required to wear masks.

  3. Follow social distancing! Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet between you and other individuals or between your family and other families.

  4. Sanitize hands! Sanitize your hands at the Welcome Area before and after your visit. Please use hand sanitizer after interacting with any animals.

  5. Leave Nothing Behind! Take everything that you bring into the Learning Farm out with you when you leave. This includes trash and recycling.

  6. Eat at the picnic tables! Picnicking is welcome at the picnic tables in the Learning Farm. Please spray the tables with cleaning solution after using. No large coolers, chairs, blankets, radios, or outdoor recreational equipment are allowed. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

  7. Stay in the Learning Farm! Stay within the Learning Farm and do not travel to other parts of the property. No other areas of City Green are open to the public at this time. 

What Should I Bring?

How Should I Prepare?


The Learning Farm is a completely outdoor space. In order to have the most memorable and enjoyable time, we have a few suggestions on how to stay comfortable during the trip.

  1. Wear appropriate apparel! First and foremost, make sure everybody in your group has their own mask. We don't have any available on the farm. Secondly, our farm is completely outdoors, so dress according to the weather. If it's sunny, make sure to bring hats and sunscreen. If it's cold, bring layers! 

  2. Print our your Adventure Guides. Bring a downloaded/printed version of the Adventure Guide and a copy of the Kid’s Book for each child participant. (Guides available after sign-up)

  3. Water, snacks, and trash bags. Bring a water bottle! It can get hot and we don’t have a public water fountain. If you would like to picnic, you are welcome to bring food. There are no trash receptacles on site, so please bring containers for your trash.

  4. Bathrooms. We have a Porta-Potty on-site, but there are no full public restrooms available. Please bring sanitizing wipes for your personal use. 

  5. Bees & First Aid: This is an outdoor facility with bees, insects, and other critters! Please come prepared with your own first aid kit, bug spray and bee medication. City Green does not have trained medical staff on the property. In the case of an emergency, please call 911 first then alert the nearest staff member. 

Introducing the Trip

Introducing the Trip!

Before you arrive, we suggest trying our Pre-Trip Activity at home (available upon sign-up). This interactive activity will get everybody thinking about the trip and the natural world! It is also a great way to start learning about agriculture, plants, nature, and all the things that you will encounter during your visit. 


Another way to introduce the trip is through questions! Before you arrive, you can ask...

  1. What plants, insects and animals to you hope to see at the Learning Farm?

  2. What do you think Clifton looked like 50 years ago? What about 500 years ago? What types of plants and animals lived here?

  3. Where do we get our food from at home? How far did it travel? Who grew it?

  4. What is your favorite vegetable? Have you ever seen it grow before? How do plants grow?

Parking and Arrival

Parking and Arrival


When you arrive, there is a large parking lot at the entrance to our Farm and Eco Center (#1 on the map). You can park anywhere inside this lot! From there, make your way down the gravel path and you will see the Learning Farm on your right. Go through the gates and at the Welcome Station (#2 on the map), you will find a box (your Adventure Kit!) with the supplies you need.


Make sure to sign the Garden Adventure Form in your Adventure Kit, and leave the paper facing up in your window. This is your parking pass. Any vehicles without the Garden Aventure Form in their window may be asked to leave.

Learning Farm Map.jpg
Can I Take Photos?

Can I Take Photos?


Yes, of course! You are welcome to take photos of our learning farms and gardens. Make sure to tag us on instagram or facebook @citygreenNJ if you post them online! However, photography is for private use only. Professional or commercial photography is not permitted without prior written agreement.

Bees and Outdoor Safety!

Bees, Bugs, and Outdoor Safety


Bee Allergies: The Learning Farm is a natural outdoor space with bees, insects, and other critters! Please come prepared with your own first aid kit and bee medication. City Green does not have trained medical staff on the property. In the case of an emergency, please call 911. 

Bee Fears: Many adults and children can get a bit nervous when around bees. A great way to prepare for this is to practice the mantra: "I'm not a flower". Tell your kids (and nervous adults) that bees are always looking for flowers, since flowers are filled with nectar for bees to eat! So, whenever a bee flies by them, they should close their eyes and repeat "I'm not a flower" 3 times! By the time they're done chanting, the bee will have flown off to real flower!

Mosquitos: We do have some mosquitos, so if you are super tasty and prone to bug bites, we suggest bringing bug spray. 

Inclement Weather & Rescheduling

Inclement Weather


If there is inclement weather expected (heavy rain or temperatures above 95 ̊F), your visit might be postponed. You will be emailed the morning of your trip if the Learning Farm is closed. If your trip is canceled, you will not be refunded. However, you will be able to reschedule at no additional cost. 

Late Arrivals

Late Arrivals

If you arrive late to the Learning Farm, you will still be able to go on the Garden Adventure. However, you cannot stay past your reservation time! There will be no refunds given for missed reservations. 
After Your Trip

After Your Visit


At the end of your reservation time, please leave your used adventure box at the marked location in the Welcome Area and take any trash produced with you. Say goodbye to our goats and head to the parking lot!


Please don't visit other parts of the farm, which are not open to the public at this time. When you get home, read our “Thanks for Coming” packet on the website and try out our Post-Trip Activity! This is another opportunity to continue learning about nature and food systems while at home. If you had a good time, you are welcome to come to the farm again! We'd love to have you!

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