Dig In! Grants

Final Report

Final Report Deadlines 

SUBMIT HERE -Community Garden & Water Assistance Final Report 


Due Friday, October 29th, 2021

Spring 2021 New, Returning & Sustainer Community Garden Grant

Fall 2020 New, Returning & Sustainer Community Garden Grant

SUBMIT HERE- Tree, Daffodil, Pollinator/Habitat Garden and Municipal Grants Final Report


Due Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Spring 2021 Habitat Restoration Grant (Pollinator Garden)

Fall 2021 Tree or Daffodil Grant

Fall 2021 Municipal Tree or Daffodil Grant

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Dig In! Final Report FAQs

What is in a Final Report?


Requirements for final reports are split by the type of grant.


New Community Garden, Returning Community Garden, and Water Assistance grantees must include the following in the final report:

  1. Report how the funding was spent (with receipts) and details about the required match using the City Green budget allocation sheet provided.

  2. A one page narrative of the gardening season, with details on the garden’s sustainable practices, food production, community partnerships, usage of food, usage of garden, and volunteer participation .

  3. At least 3 photos (5 for first-year partners) photos, quotes, videos and/or stories.


Tree and Habitat Restoration grantees must include the following the final report:

  1. Provide before, during and after photos of the project.

  2. Tag City Green and the Passaic County Freeholders in one social media post or a press release, detailing the project.

  3. Submit receipts for items purchased, if applicable.

What happens if I cannot fulfill all the grant requirements?


If projects are not completed or materials are not submitted by the end of the grant period, the application will be considered “grant failure”. Below lists the reasons for “grant failure”.


  1. Project is not fully implemented by the end of the grant period

  2. The complete final report is not submitted by the due date

  3. More than 10% or 5% of the grant money is not used by the end of the grant period

  4. A financial match is not provided

If you think that you will not be able to fulfill all the grant requirements, please reach out immediately and we will offer support. City Green’s goal is to support Dig In! partners and it is a priority that grantees utilize their awards to their full potential to improve and sustain their gardens. 

How can I apply for a grant extension?


If your project is taking longer than expected and you will not be able to complete the terms of the grant agreement within the grant period, please apply for a grant extension. We understand that there are unexpected delays that arise when working to develop a sustainable garden project. However, please apply for the grant extension before the final report is due. 

How do I find the documents for the Final Report?


The forms for the final report were given to you as part of your Award Packet when you received your grant. However, if you are missing any forms, you can find them below, (applicable to New, Returning or Sustaining Community Gardens). If you are missing any additional documents from your final report, please reach out to jmoreano@city-green.org