Congratulations to the Spring 2020 Dig In! Grantees!


Applications for Fall 2020 Grants will open in June.

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*NEW Community Gardens MUST schedule an in-person consultation in order to receive a NEW Community Garden Applications

Community Gardens

All community members in Northern New Jersey should have access to fresh food and beautiful, open green spaces. City Green’s “Dig In!” program, funded by the Passaic County Board of Chosen Freeholders, turns this idea into a reality by making the construction of new community gardens widely accessible to all members of the Passaic County community, regardless of age or economic status.

The Dig In! program provides a wide range of support and resources for the successful establishment of sustainable garden projects.  By filling out a simple application, residents can become a partner of City Green and spearhead a new community garden in their own neighborhood. Community gardens beautify neighborhoods, provide fresh food and vegetables, and give local residents a safe place to gather and appreciate the wonder of the outdoors.

Community gardens also help foster a sense of community well being and togetherness while reminding urban dwellers that access to green spaces and fresh food is not just for rural residents. Some of the resources that participants in the Dig In! program enjoy include access to grants and funding for purchasing building supplies, guidance in creating a community garden team, technical assistance in building gardens, access to City Green’s tool lending library, and educational workshop opportunities.

Habitat Restoration & Tree Planting

In 2018, the Dig In! program began offering additional resources for habitat restoration projects. This new program seeks to engage municipalities, community organizations, garden clubs, and motivated individuals to support local ecosystems and beautify their communities. These projects use the beauty and enchantment of public plant and garden installations to inspire new pride in communities, support local wildlife, and change the public experience of community life. Dig In! supports habitat restoration through three micro-grants: Pollinator Habitat Gardens, Native Tree Plantings, and Daffodil Bulb Plantings.


The purpose of these grants is to reintroduce native perennial plants into our neighborhoods to support wildlife and healthy urban ecosystems. With ecosystem health in mind, all pollinator gardens and tree plantings only include long-lasting, native plants that will continue to grow and create a beautiful space for both nature and people for years to come. City Green will partner with community groups and municipalities to develop vibrant, native habitats and gardens throughout Passaic County. 

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