CSA Program

City Green launched a CSA this season in response to the COVID pandemic as a safe alternative to provide healthy local vegetables to the community. At City Green, we are committed to providing our community with delicious, nutritious and fresh produce. 

By joining our CSA, you will enjoy this year’s harvest, and will receive a variety of fresh, local, organic produce every week.  On our farms in Clifton and Mt. Olive, NJ, we grow over 75 varieties of organic produce, farming with sustainable and regenerative practices. 


City Green’s CSA runs for 23 weeks

June 17th to November 18th.

Our Winter CSA runs for 8 weeks

December 2nd - January 27th (No Dec. 30th)


City Green's CSA is currently sold out! Join our waitlist for the 2021 Farm Season.

CSA Program FAQs

What is a CSA?


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It means that instead of going to the supermarket and buying produce every week, you are purchasing a membership, or a “share” of our farm’s harvest. By signing up as a CSA member, each week you will pick up your share of produce, grown and hand-selected by the farm team.


What is in your share is dependent upon the season and what is ready for harvest in our fields. By joining this CSA, you are committing to support a local farm operation and to a stronger relationship with your farmer. As a result, you will receive produce that is fresher and grown closer to home!

What are the benefits of joining our CSA?


  1. Receive your Veggie Share every week!

  2. Get a City Green Reusable tote bag for your produce

  3. Have access to Add-On Egg shares from Hazelman Farms (West Milford, NJ)

  4. Have access to our online CSA marketplace, where you can add speciality items to your share, such as additional veggie varieties, fruit, eggs, or honey

  5. Receive our weekly CSA member newsletter with delicious, seasonal recipes and exclusive City Green content.

  6. Supporting the Community - all purchases made with City Green directly support our food access work to make healthy, local food available to everyone.

  7. Supporting the Earth- our farm uses regenerative agricultural practices, which is critical for building a vibrant and sustainable local food system

What is in a CSA share?

CSA boxes change every week according to what is in season. For example, in the spring, there will be a lot of greens, in the summer lots of tomatoes, and in the fall lots of root vegetables!
The CSA membership has a bell-curve effect. Meaning the share may be slightly smaller or have fewer items during the shoulder seasons (spring and fall) but can expect to get really big during our peak season (mid-summer) and will likely even exceed the projected value!  In other words, if some of the Spring weeks have the projected 7-8 items for the small share, during the summer they might have as many as 10 or 12! Most CSAs operate like this to ensure the members get their full money's worth throughout the entirety of the season. It’s what's cool part about being a member of the farm.. you'll get to experience the full seasonality of what we grow!
Screen Shot 2020-11-06 at 9.56.56 AM.png

New! Winter CSA Share

The Winter CSA will feature the City Green produce that you know and love, along with specialty items and artisanal goods from local vendors on select weeks! From the City Green farm, you will receive everything from root vegetables and winter squash, to City Green tomato sauce and fresh greens. From our partners, you will get a range of items like local honey, eggs, and other artisanal goods!

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Small Share

This share includes a variety of 5-7 fresh produce items. This share is perfect for 1-2 people that cook a few times per week.

Large Veg Table Spread.png

Large Share

This share includes a variety of 

8-10 items of fresh produce items. This share is perfect for 3-4 people that cook a few times per week, or 1-2 people that cook frequently.


Mid-Season Share

This share starts mid-summer includes a variety of 7-9

fresh produce items. This share is perfect for 3-4 people that cook a few times per week, or 1-2 people that cook frequently.

Egg Share

This add-on share is available to CSA members, and includes one dozen farm-fresh free range eggs from Hazelman Farms, located in West Milford, NJ



These shares are the same as our standard Small and Large shares, available at a discount to SNAP and WIC customers through our Good Food Buck program. Payment is due at time of pick up.

Support Family CSA Share pic.png

Support a Family Veggie Share

Support a Veggie Share for a local SNAP or WIC family by adding this as a share option or add-on item in any quantity to your membership subscription! City Green will match donations dollar for dollar with Good Food Bucks to provide recipient families with a CSA share.

How much is a CSA share?

City Green offers several share options at different price levels. There are multiple payment plans available at sign up (monthly, seasonally, or in 2 installments). SNAP and WIC customers pay at time of pick-up.


  • Small CSA Share: $18/wk. = $414 per season

  • Large CSA Share: $28/wk. = $644 per season

  • Winter CSA Share: $25/wk = $200 per season

  • SNAP/WIC Small CSA Share: $9/wk. = $207 per season

  • SNAP/WIC Large CSA Share: $14/wk. = $322 per season

  • SNAP/WIC Winter CSA Share: $12.50/wk = $100 per season


  • Egg Share: $5 weekly share of Hazelman Farm eggs from West Milford, NJ

  • Locavore Add-on Items: Add on speciality items to your weekly CSA share. Items may include small-harvest crops, fruit, honey, or eggs

  • Support a Family Veggie Share: City Green will match CSA member donations dollar for dollar to provide a local WIC family with a CSA share. Available as one-time or weekly add-ons, or seasonal donations.

Can I use SNAP, WIC or Good Food Bucks? 


Don't worry, you can still use your SNAP/EBT Families First card or your WIC FMNP (Farmers Market Nutrition Program) Vouchers to pay for your CSA share! Please review our CSA Member Policy and Agreement for more details. All SNAP and WIC customers will receive a 50% discount on their CSA share through our Good Food Buck program.

Can I join for part of a season? 


Unfortunately you cannot join for part of a season. By signing up for City Green CSA, you are committing to one full season of weekly pick-ups. Farming involves risks due to weather and other natural occurrences, and by signing up for this CSA, you will share both the rewards and the risks of the growing season along with the other members and the farm. Your membership indicates your understanding that there is no guarantee on the exact amount and type of produce you will receive. Please know that City Green will work hard to ensure you receive high- quality, beautiful, local produce. In committing to this CSA you are subscribing to support a local farm and helping us to supply sustainable produce to our communities throughout the season.

When do I pick up my share?


CSA Shares must be picked up on Wednesdays at the City Green Farm Eco-Center (171 Grove St., Clifton, NJ 07013). When signing up, you can choose between two pickup times: 11am - 1pm or 4pm - 6pm. 

For Winter Shares, pick ups are Wednesdays between 2pm-4pm.


The City Green Farm Stand will be open during these pick-up hours where you can make additional purchases.

What are your COVID safety protocols?


We at City Green are committed to providing our customers with a safe experience that aligns with the recommended guidelines for farm markets. This includes the wearing of masks, the sanitizing of surfaces, maintaining social distancing, etc.


When picking up your CSA share, we kindly ask that you wear a facemask and maintain a distance of 6 feet between other CSA members and City Green staff. Only customers following safety procedures will be allowed to the pick-up table.Members also have their own personal share boxes to reduce cross-contamination between members. 

Still have questions?

Check out our membership agreement for more information about the City Green CSA program!