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For children, understanding the natural world that we all share comes… naturally. But kids still need access to the outdoors and the right tools to learn. City Green believes that all children deserve access to open spaces and healthy food, and to help make this goal a reality, City Green offers a multitude of experiential learning opportunities for children ranging from preschool to 18 years old. These experiences take place outside of the school system at City Green’s own sites, as well as those of partner organizations in Paterson, Passaic, and Clifton.


Kids can come to the City Green Farm to learn about where food comes from while developing an appreciation for the power and beauty of nature. For parents, a variety of after-school and summer camp programming gives kids a safe and stimulating place to spend time outdoors. Whether they’re soaking up a lesson with one of our experienced staff members, or experiencing the magic of communing with nature, children’s lives will be deeply enriched by the City Green experience. Participants gain important skills that will last a lifetime, such as making healthy food choices and caring for their own local ecosystem, whether it’s city block or a suburban park. When a child experiences City Green’s programming, they grow up to be a responsible caretaker of the natural world, and that is the greatest gift of all.

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