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City Green offers a number of educational adult workshops, which are free and open to the public. Horticulture workshops are offered on topics such as incorporating native plants into your home garden, planting gardens for winter, and sustaining wildlife through the colder months. Agriculture workshops cover everything from soil and composting to irrigation and pest management. Community garden workshops are available as well, and include topics like how to form a steering-committee, how to host fun seasonal events in your garden for families and children, and to how to preserve an abundant garden harvest for the winter. Workshops are lecture based with hands-on outdoor activities to enhance the experience. They can be hosted on-site at a community garden or at the City Green Farm Eco-Center.


Additional programs such as “Eat Better Tonight” exist with the sole mission of introducing farm-fresh vegetables to community members of all ages in food desert regions. This program fosters the sharing of information on local food systems and helps people incorporate local seasonal produce into their diets. For adults who want to grow and eat healthy food, City Green is the place to start.

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