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City Green’s mission of “Growing Healthy Cities” gives us all the feels! 

Here at City Green we feel strongly that every one of our neighbors should be able to access and afford farm-fresh, healthy veggies, and that kids in our neighborhoods should have opportunities to engage in outdoor, garden-based learning & recreation. That’s why we're in the Fight For Fresh Food!

Every year we grow hundreds of pounds of produce to sell at markets in local, urban communities where people don’t have easy access to affordable, fresh, healthy foods. We help people to build and establish community gardens so they can grow their own favorite fruits and veggies right in their neighborhoods. We also work hard to get the community's youth involved, from our Growing Strong High School Internship Program, to City Sprouts where kids get hands-on learning experience about where their food comes from and the importance of eating healthy.

This year you can join us in our Fight For Fresh Food. We are eligible for up to

$15,000 in matching grants from the Partners for Health Foundation!

Your donation of $50 or more -- made between now & December 31st -- will be matched $1 to $1 by the Partners for Health Foundation as part of their campaign to Fight Hunger and Homelessness. 

Join the fight here & make a gift that will be eligible for matching funds*


* Your contribution will be made through PayPal to Partners for Health, but tracked to City Green. This will be confirmed in the donation you will receive from PayPal.


Checks of $50 or more that are payable to Partners for Health and received by City Green by December 31st are also eligible for these matching funds. 


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